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Does your child need to improve their reading skills? Is your child already a reading star and wants more opportunities to develop? Then look no further to Jolly`s Enhanced Reading Program - the one - stop for everything related to reading skills. Your child can read anything - with our help!


Does you child like to tell stories? Do you find them often writing for fun? Well, this program is for them! Here in this program, students will share a fun- filled experience where they will learn enhanced writing techniques as well as opportunities to share their stories with others. Any student in this program knows - this is where to make your story!


Foundations of Learning For JK/SK Students

Is your child in JK/SK? Have you wanted your child to get a 
head start or to gain more from their learning in reading and math skills? Well, this program is perfect for parents who want their child to get a head start in schooling or want to enhance their skills further that they are currently being taught at in school.


***如果注册整个学期可享受 10% 折扣 

***由于 COVID-19 限制,面对面课程可能会切换到在线课程 








计划必须至少有 3 名参与者才能继续。如果未注册最少学生人数,将使用收到的相同付款方式全额退款,并在课程安排开课前 3 天发出通知。如果学生无法上课,将获得学分。 

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