Writer's Craft Programs

Level: Grade SK- G9

Duration: 12 Classes/session

Put your kids on the path to limitless creativity

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

The seeds of creativity live in all children. Jolly Jolly Arts & Reading believes creativity is not so much about children becoming accomplished artists, as it is about them expressing what's inside. With Jolly Jolly,  Children's imaginations are nurtured and grow into strong creative thinking abilities, preparing them for the future and making magic things happen.


Writer's Craft Program

Redefine Writing Learning Experience

Open Flow Series

(SK to G3)

Learning forward with a strong
emphasis on structure and
creation. Students generate, gather and organize ideas and information and audience. Learn tools like editing, proof reading and publishing skills and strategies.


(G4 to G7)

Dig deeper into interests and 
creative minds to build key

literacy skills. Students will

enhance their reading, writing

and presentation skills that

align directly with their

curriculum expectations.

Bring an in-depth focus on the various specific types of creative writing that is required within your child’s school curriculum. Students will continue to build and develop their writing, reading and speaking skills.

Introduces the different types of essay writing in a very

in-depth analysis  of each and its components. Students will get the opportunity to learn paragraph building and sentence structures.


(SK to G9)

This course will prepare your students for test taking by increasing knowledge, skills and confidence in writing, reading, listening and speaking strands of the Ontario Language Curriculum.

Jolly Jolly Arts & Reading

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