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Jolly Jolly Field Trips

There are also a number of special events and activities that take place during the camp as well. Please see the “Special Event Schedule” for specific details, but a brief description is included below:

Masters of Imagination and Entrepreneurship Workshop 

(Famous People Players Theatre)

Students learn to become an entrepreneur through the world of imagination as they learn to set up their own business. This program is designed to introduce students at an early age to the wonders and benefits of individual ambition - what better way to motivate students to succeed in the future than by giving them an advantage now? Come join us, and see for yourself!


Medieval Times

Students learn about the world of Dragons and Princesses, as it comes alive in real life events designed to amaze and astonish! Students will cheer for a knight, watch jousting and other feats of bravery, and learn a little more about life in the past era. Medieval Times will give students the experience of a lifetime.

Brooks Farm

Students will experience a variety of amazing outdoor activities that inspire and invigorate! Jumping Pillows, Ziplines, slides, sandboxes, straw jumps, splash pads, a fire truck and a Chicken Show are just some of the activities students can enjoy. With so many different things to do, the time will fly by on these special days - a perfect way to capture the magic of summer!

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