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What to Look for in a Good Tutor

I remember having a hard time understanding certain concepts in school growing up and moving on regardless. I remember just nodding my head so I wouldn’t hold up the class, but this has cost me a lot. Looking back, I wish I had the confidence to ask questions when I didn’t know the answers, but I also see how a private tutor would have helped tremendously.

Now that I work as a private tutor, I see the benefits and growth a student experiences from it. A good private tutor is able to meet the child where they’re at and work with their strengths and weaknesses. They’re able to really understand where the child is developmentally and if there are any other possible factors that may be contributing to their delay (i.e., feeling uncomfortable in class, being bullied at school, family trauma, etc.).

I want to emphasize what a good private tutor would look like, because a private tutor who doesn’t have the skills, empathy, patience, or discernment is more likely to cause more damage such as stress and a dislike towards learning. These damages are more difficult to undo and may end up costing you more emotionally and financially in the long-run.

Here are some things you can look out for in a good private tutor before you work with them:

  1. Their communication with you verbally and electronically is professional

  2. Their educational credentials and experience as a tutor/working with children are sufficient

  3. Positive recommendations from others

  4. Some kind of guarantee for their service (i.e., free trial, satisfaction guaranteed, etc.)

Here are some things you can look out for in a good private tutor as you work with them:

  1. Clearly communicates progress of the child and suggestions for you to help them at home

  2. Your child actually looks forward to being with them

  3. You and their teacher notices their progress

Spending money on your child’s education can be very costly, but if the right investments are made, the reward will be great. If you’re still struggling to know how to properly invest in your child’s education, contact us for more information and we’d be more than happy to chat!

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