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Does your child need to improve their reading skills? Is your child already a reading star and wants more opportunities to develop? Then look no further to Jolly`s Enhanced Reading Program - the one - stop for everything related to reading skills. Your child can read anything - with our help!


Does you child like to tell stories? Do you find them often writing for fun? Well, this program is for them! Here in this program, students will share a fun- filled experience where they will learn enhanced writing techniques as well as opportunities to share their stories with others. Any student in this program knows - this is where to make your story!


Is your child a star speaker, but needs extra help? Do you want to see your child become more confidence when they speak to others, and to you? Well, this program is perfect for them! Students here will learn the techniques and confidence necessary for both academic and personal success. A good speaker can be found - here!

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Payments are currently accepted via e-transfer or cash in-person prior to the start date of the program. 


After completing the registration form, please email payment directions. If e-transfer, email the password and name used on registration form. E-transfers can be made to If paying cash in person, email us to schedule an appointment. 


Registration spot will not be guaranteed until full payment is received. 


Programs must reach a minimum of 3 participants to proceed. If minimum number of students are not registered, a full refund will be issued, using the same method of payment received and notice will be given 3 days before the class is scheduled to run. If student is unable to make a class, a school credit will be issued. 

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