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3 Benefits of Cooking with Young Children

There are several benefits of cooking with young children and in this article we will be sharing just a few reasons why. We hope that the benefits highlighted in this article would be helpful for you to see the value of taking that extra time to involve your young children in cooking.

  1. Boosts self-confidence. Cooking involves reading the instructions, gathering the materials, preparing the ingredients, and cooking the materials together. Once children are able to see what they're able to make, they become confident in their ability to create. Children strive for their independence and cooking allows them to do this safely with an adult. Additionally, cooking is a great opportunity to expose children to various foods. Especially when your child is a picky eater. Children are more likely to try and eat foods when they are the ones to make it and they participate in making.

  2. Education elements. When children are observing the ingredient list, they are exercising the skill of reading. When they choose what to make, they are exercising the skill of being independent. When children are preparing the ingredients, they are practicing their fine motor skills. When children are following steps and instructions, they are exercising their ability to understand what is being read and use mathematics in gathering or measuring.

  3. Quality Time. Cooking is a wonderful opportunity to be able to spend time with your children. Children benefit by spending time with their parents because it creates opportunities for a time where parents can correct and teach their children. Children feel loved and cared for when quality time is being spent with them and cooking is a fun activity that the both can do together.

We understand you live a busy life as a parent, and cooking with children may not be the easiest or most convenient option. Here at Jolly Jolly, we can take this task on for you! With our Little Chef’s class happening on Monday mornings, we provide a safe place for children to cook their own lunches starting as young as 18 months old! We are curious if you agree with the benefits we listed out here, or have other points to add.

Moreover, if you are interested in our Little Chef’s class or have any other questions about our programs or the specific needs of your child, we’d be happy to chat. We hope to hear from you soon!

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