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How Reading and Writing Impacts the Mental Health of Kids

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Mental health has become a matter of concern not only for adults but for kids as well. Every other person is a victim of anxiety and depression but this dark gloomy world is taking over innocent minds. It's now reported that kids are also being diagnosed with mental Illness at a rate of 10%. It indicates that in every classroom at least three young minds are depressed or need mental support.

As per the studies, the main reason behind this is the pressure of homework from school, personal life, or social life. In such cases, parents should offer a helping hand and indulge them in reading and writing.

Reading and writing have proven positive results when it comes to mental well being. The studies show that the kids who are more engaged with literacy and have a habit of reading books even after school are less likely to fall into the trap of mental Illness.

Why Reading and Writing is Good for Kids Mental Health


We all know how important it is to forget the worries for a while and get lost into some other world. What else is better than to escape in reading a book? Reading provides immense pleasure and gives a chance to forget about everything else. So, let your kid choose the book of his or her own choice. It will reduce the pressure and the little freedom would bring joy.

Break from Gadgets

There is a whole new world hidden inside a mobile phone. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that these cell phones have the kids affected negatively. It does not only kill their time but also make them vulnerable to mental illness. However, the best way to give your mind a break from this cobweb is by picking an interesting book for the kid and schedule a time to read.

Emotional Literacy

The more they read, the more they become emotionally literate. As a matter of fact, kids who develop the habit of reading at a younger age can recognize their emotions easily. They are able to control them in provoking circumstances like sudden wrath or irritability. It is very true to say that kids who have emotional literacy skills learn to take charge of the situations easily.

Widens the Vocabulary

Our emotions are as deep as an ocean and a handful of words cannot express them. However, reading different storybooks and poems adds new words to a child's personal dictionary and with the help of these words, it becomes easier for them to express what they do or do not feel.

Moreover, the studies say that kids with high verbal ability are mentally stronger than those with low verbal ability.

Sense of Understanding

The development of emotional skills helps kids to express their emotions in a better way and also understand others' feelings. The ability to read and write makes them confident and create self-awareness.

Reading to the Kids

Parents are always eagerly waiting for the time when their kids would start independent reading. It is a very good habit undoubtedly. However, reading along with kids is also quite beneficial to them. It enhances the closeness of the relationship and your kid may feel free to share his feelings with you. Besides this, it also develops learning skills and teaches them empathy. All these things foster their mental health.

As per the experts, if you think that your child is going through any kind of emotional challenge then reading a book on mental health with them can help. They may open up to you about the stress or any sort of struggle they are dealing with. The best time for reading is bedtime. It generates power in them. Also, it is a good way to put your kid to sleep after the long tiring day.

Library reading is the traditional method which has its own benefits. The silence and ambiance of the place helps a child to concentrate on books. There is also a wide variety of books on different topics. They can choose any book whether it be poetry books, picture books, or storybooks.

How Writing Impacts the Mental Health of Kids

Writing plays the role of a therapist when it comes to mental health. It is the best way for kids to handle the outburst of their emotions by penning down what they are feeling.

Here are some of the impacts on the kids' brain:

Calm Mind

Kids who develop the habit of writing, have comparatively calmer minds. Writing enhances their skills and mental abilities. It changes their thought process and makes them think from different perspectives.


Writing is a skill that relieves mental stress even if it is practiced for 15-20 minutes a day. It helps the them to acknowledge their feelings and know their emotions better. The art of writing refrains the thoughts that over-crowd the mind. It increases the concentration power of the kids and helps them structure their thoughts.

Help to Acknowledge the Emotions

Emotional intelligence helps to deal with depression and there is no better way to learn it than writing. For the better use of it, you must encourage the kids to write what they feel or something they have gone through. It will help them to confront their feelings and control them as well.

Clearing the Mind

Sometimes kids are stressed with lots of thoughts, emotions, and feelings running on their minds. This traffic has to be cleared for mental peace. Writing works as a tool to clear things up and make way for positive thoughts.

Reading and writing are two aspects that help a child to flourish and nurture his or her talent. Kids may find their friends within the books they read or the diary they write. These are one of the best source of their mental well being especially in today's times. In the tech world, let your child stick to the books and help them find peace.

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