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March Break 2024 

Did you know Jolly Jolly Arts & Reading runs a fantastic March Break Camp? One of our most popular offerings, the March Break camp is always a fun-filled week of games, crafts, activities, and sharing - your child wont want to return to school! Come join, and see for yourself!

Posters for PA days Events March break, winter camp-12.png
Posters for PA days Events March break, winter camp-13.png

What to expect:
Children will be tap into their creative imaginations to create mystery stories

Build social and collaborative skills through group work with other peers in solving a mystery

Enhance their verbal skills, as well as help build their confidence with small presentations about the stories they create

Enriching their cognitive skills through activities that allow for reading and writing opportunities



What to expect:
Children will be exploring outer space and learn about the different planets and what happens in space

Expand their scientific knowledge through science experiments

Building social and mathematical skills when engaging in the creation of delicious food activities

Using their creative minds to create architectural space rocket designs that they will present to the class; thus helping them to build confidence in presentations.


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