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Jolly Summer Camp 2024

1:12 Ratio Children aged 4-12 years

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What Does Jolly Summer Camp look like?
Jolly summer camp is a unique summer camp that combines academics and fun together! Children embrace their love for creativity and fun through handcrafted activities that are not only engaging but stimulating to their brains! Look no further than to sign your child up for Jolly's Summer Camp!

Why Choose Jolly?

LIT Program (Leaders in Training)

Students Grade 7 & 8 are welcome to join this extensive program where you get to shadow and work alongside a certified and qualified teacher through best practices. 

Students will be able to build
confidence by being a mentor as well provided with many speaking opportunities in front of the class and opportunities to lead.

Students will learn life skills like time
management, organization, and professionalism that are essential tools for a success academic career.

Students will receive a certificate for completing the program that exceptifies the qualities and skills they have achieved.

What will my child learn at Jolly?

Children are given the opportunity to work alongside peers who are of similar age, interests. They learn to 
collaborate, cooperate and communicate during group activities! They develop skills of resilience and problem solving skills as well as communication skills that will benefit them for a bright future!

Jolly offers opportunities for self-growth, as well as combining
learning, challenges and individual development! We allow the children to help guide us through their learning and we enforce it with our educational skills and tools.



July 2 - 5th, 2024

July 8 - 12th, 2024

July 15 - 19th ,2024

July 22 - 26th, 2024

July 30 - 2nd, 2024

August 12 - 16th, 2024

August 19 - 23rd, 2024

August 26 - 30th, 2024

August 6 - 9th,2024

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