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Field Trip: Black Creek Pioneer Village
Let`s dive back into the 1920’s and discover how the earth, people and civilization has evolved! From the Great depression to the start of rock n roll music to how the first iphone was created! The children will engage in a fun filled week of historical knowledge!

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Field Trip: Black Creek Community Farm
Ever wonder what it is like to be a farmer? OR how the food just appears in the grocery stores? Let us explore further what it means to be a farmer and the day in the life of a farmer! Engage in activities that are to do with agriculture, getting your hands dirty and discovering the wonders to how it comes from the farm to our dinner table.


Field Trip: Legoland
Gummy bears? Rock Candy? Lollipops? Any of these your favourite? Ever wonder how Candy is made? Let us dive into the science behind it!  Let us understand what it means to be a candy connoisseur! The children will engage in a fun filled week of learning and making candy!


Field Trip: Parkour
Do you have what it takes to be an olympic champion? The children  will exercise their mental brain power and their physical powers engaging in challenging obstacles to fight for the chance at winning Jolly Medals! Are you ready for the challenge? LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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Field Trip: Medieval Times
Do you like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Funny, horror? Explore the wonders of books and the many types of genres there is to discover!  We will dive into the books and discover our love for reading and be able to bring those stories to life!

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