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August Program 2024


Field Trip: Brooks Farm
What does it take for humans to survive? What are the necessities?  Children will engage in a week long adventure learning about budgeting, how money works and how they would survive in different climates such as the arctic versus city versus country life.

Jolly Masterchef.png

Field Trip: Tree-Top Trekking
Chop! Peel! Dice! Dive into the culinary excitement of  discovering what it takes to be a Masterchef! Children are going to learn the different techniques, and cultivate their creativity skills through series  of challenges.They will learn how taste, creativity and  presentation  is used in producing a delicious child-friendly snack!

Art Attack.png

Field Trip: Toronto Zoo
How many different types of art do you know? Abstract? textural? Children will engage in a whole week`s worth of exploring different art materials to produce different pieces of art! Children will learn about different techniques and how art is not always produced with a pencil and a paper.

Mad Scientist.png

Field Trip: Kortright Center
Are you crazy about science and the magical wonders science experiments can bring? Dive into the world of science and discover how just a few simple ingredients or household materials can be used to produce wow factor experiments! From making exploding volcanos to slime! We have it all here!

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