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Mandarin Chinese Course


Adult Program

Mandarin is an essential asset in today’s society especially for business, travel, and studying abroad in China. However, most people incorrectly assume that learning Chinese is difficult. The truth is that with the right teacher, learning Chinese can be a smooth and rewarding experience. Our Head Mandarin Teacher, Omar Razzaq, has a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and is currently completing a PhD in Chinese Linguistics from Beijing Normal University. He has over 5 years of experience teaching different age groups. Whether you are interested in learning Mandarin for business, travel, or to study abroad, we offer a 3-month program tailored to your needs.

What makes us different?

Our head teacher himself learned Chinese as a second language; as a result, he knows firsthand the most effective learning methods for non-native speakers.

Our classes use modern Chinese books, focusing on reading, writing, speaking, and listening using the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method. CLT courses are structured around learning how to function in practical situations specific to your topic of choice (business, travel, or study abroad), including how to make invitations, suggestions, complaints, and how to express time, quantity, and location.

Free Trial Class

The first class is on us. Join us to meet Omar (feel free to bring a native Mandarin speaker along to evaluate his proficiency!) , and learn more about our curriculum, learning methods, the materials used in the courses, and to clarify any questions you may have regarding Mandarin. The free trial will include a short Mandarin lesson. Register Now!

Your Teacher


Omar Razzaq

 Beijing Normal University
Ph. D. Candidate in Chinese Linguistics
5+ Years Experience Teaching @ (Multiple Universities)
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