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Russian Martial Art

A unique approach to martial arts based on ancient Russian combat traditions.

Systema doesn’t focus on rigid techniques; instead, it teaches students how to remain calm under pressure. This provides the foundation for learning basic self-defense skills.


Through Systema training your kids will be guided to:

  • increase body and self-awareness through breathing and movement exercises

  • learn effective teamwork skills

  • and most importantly:

  • discover their ability to remain relaxed and respond effectively when feeling stressed, challenged or afraid.


These skills are invaluable not only in self-defense situations, but more importantly in effectively dealing with the challenges of everyday life in a positive and healthy way.


Sean Gill

Sean is a certified Systema instructor training in Systema since 2007 under the guidance of Emmanuel Manolakakis and Vladimir Vasiliev. He is a lifelong learner with a Bachelor (Hons.) in History from Queen's University, and a Master's in Social and Political Thought from York University. Sean has been teaching Systema for over  8 years and loves working with children to support their growth and development through self-discovery.  

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